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General disclaimer

The HRE project is a volunteer community project that has the aim to create a new platform for well-documented historical research. Nobody associated with the project is doing it for personal gain, but rather out of a sense of community spirit to benefit all historical researchers.

Neither History Research Environment Ltd (HRE Ltd), nor its directors, volunteers or community members can provide any guarantee that this project will ultimately be successful and will result in a viable open source product. Unless otherwise specifically stated in writing (as for example in the Contributor agreement), there is no intention to create legal relations between HRE Ltd and any volunteer, sponsor, or donor.

The acceptance by HRE Ltd of any sponsorship, donation or volunteer effort shall not under any circumstances be deemed to create a legally binding contract, nor is there any warranty or promise, implied or otherwise, that the project will succeed or will result in any particular outcome.

All trademarks of Wholly Genes, Inc., including ‘Wholly Genes’, ‘TMG’, ‘The Master Genealogist’, ‘GenBridge’, ‘VCF’ and ‘Visual Chartform’ are acknowledged. Any use by the HRE project of these marks is by permission and is subject to the Wholly Genes disclaimer, below.

Wholly Genes disclaimer

Wholly Genes, Inc., the developer of The Master Genealogist (‘TMG‘), is not directly involved in the HRE project and will not provide technical support nor assume any responsibility or liability for the project.